Innovative and quality design are words that describe our "style." Not fixed on any genre or particular design vernacular, our projects’ common DNA are the unique and creative ideas that are delivered in a high quality package, executed efficiently in a most diligent manner. 

We have a sharp sense of how best to improve and utilize space. In this regard, we can be most helpful at reviewing a project – whether an existing project or new-build based on plan – and providing our thoughts and advise how best to design a given space to exploit the greatest value. Our experience has been instrumental in providing successful investors with a detailed and thoughtful plan-of-attack, resulting in often terrific return on investment. 



Combining our experience in planning, design and procurement -- CRA provides a fully integrated solution to your renovation needs. The process is streamlined, efficient and cost effective. Benefits:

  • Allows our client to focus on their business while we handle all aspects of the project design and procurement

  • One point of contact

  • Reduced overall expenditure of consultant fees

  • Excellent relations with most major brands 

From Master-Plan through turn-key completion, CRA has the capability to handle the project -- beginning to end. We have the relationships to provide Architecture and other design related disciplines, as well as implementation including construction and installation. 


Allows our client to focus on their business, while we handle all aspects of the project design and procurement


Reduced overall expenditure of consultant fees 


Excellent relations with most major brands



CRA works for some of the largest and most notable owners, operators and brands in the hospitality industry. To that end we are well regarded as one of the most prolific specifiers in the industry. We know product vendors, manufacturers and talented sources. When we buy, our reputation as a keen specifier and our knowledge and experience with suppliers is exploited on behalf of our Clients. Our clout as a specifier ensures our power as a purchaser. We get the best pricing, priority service and unsurpassed quality follow-up. 



CRA endeavors to be at the forefront of sustainability through design and specification of products and methods. CRA strives to collaborate with innovative manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and contractors to develop ways to help preserve our planet -- one project at a time!

We believe that we must do our part to contribute to sustainable efforts that will ensure  the great destinations which our guests enjoy today, will be enjoyed by many generations to come. To that end, CRA incorporates the following activities in design of all of our projects:


Challenge manufacturers to propose suitable solutions to sustainable issues 


Look local where possible to minimize factory to property carbon footprint


Look at technology as a means of mitigating environmental impact


Think clearly about the lifespan of a product. Manufacture, delivery, disposal... how each of these phases impact the environment 



Seek out recycled products whenever possible 


Discourage printed vendor catalogs. Encourage printed communication 


Incentivize CRA team to educate themselves on green initiatives related to sustainable efforts